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toKaos 1.3.6

toKaos toKaos 1.3.6

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toKaos Publisher's Description

toKaos is a desktop software application which allows you to encrypt/obfuscate your Flash/Flex AS3 application protecting your work from SWF/SWC decompilers. toKaos is the only product able to operate directly on a copy of your source code providing you with a new encrypted/obfuscated source code. After the process you can compile and deploy your product (Encrypted SWF or Encrypted SWC). Our encryption/obfuscation works directly on a copy of your source code encrypting the identifier below: packages identifier;classes identifier;functions identifier (private, internal, protected and public);functions parameters identifier;functions variables identifier;class variables identifier (private, internal, protected and public). After toKaos encryption/obfuscation your source code contained in your encrypted SWF/SWC will be unreadable to everyone.

What's New in Version 1.3.6 of toKaos

New feature: new encryption type: Minimum length identifier (Random).
Bug Fix: contains undocumented fixes.

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